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This week’s edition of Marketing Morsels is stuffed with delightful samplings from Velveeta, Josh Cellars, DoorDash and many more. Enjoy the assortment!

Morsel #1: Velveeta upgrades the booty call


Booty call? How about a Foodie Call? Based on survey results saying that more than half of fans would give up sex for cheese, and 70% saying the best time for mac and cheese is in bed with a partner, cheese-adjacent brand Velveeta is adding liquid gold to the post-coital (or non-coital) experience. On Nov. 18, between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m., fans can text the message “VEL, YOU UP?” to 855-VELVEETA to get a free Foodie Call Kit including a loaf of Velveeta, two Velveeta Shells & Cheese single cups and a gold half-spoon half-fork, as well as recipes for enhancing the dish. New York City fans may also receive more elaborate deliveries such as Deep-Delish Pizza Shells & Cheese or Please Me, Cheese Me Totchos.

Morsel #2: Cast her in an ad or Pete Davidson will (and by ‘her’ we mean his mom)

Pete Davidson’s latest commercial is with Manscaped, his second for the brand. The humorous spot, called  “Season’s Groomings,” also stars Davidson’s mom, who joins in festive antics to solve a holiday mystery.

Morsel #3: Fanta turned the Orange Moon into a vending machine

Fanta ‘Orange Moon’ from Wunderman Thompson on Vimeo.

Timed to the Nov. 8 lunar eclipse, in which the moon turned orange, Fanta in Mexico celebrated its temporary similarity to the celestial body by transforming the moon into a vending machine. Fans in the country could take a photo of the eclipsed orange moon and tag @FantaMx on social with the hashtag #Fantamoon. Once the photos were authenticated, fans received a code for a free Fanta at McDonald’s or 7 Eleven.

Morsel #4: This Ranch is watching to see if you’re naughty or nice


You’ve heard of the Elf on the Shelf, but what about Ranch on a Branch? Hidden Valley has unleashed a watchful, plush bottle of Ranch named Ranchie and an accompanying storybook in which the character pursues simple acts of kindness. Similarly, those who purchase the collectible for $30 from the brand’s merch shop are encouraged to move Ranchie to a new location every day. As its own act of kindness, the brand will donate $30,000 to Feeding America.

Morsel #5: Stella Artois makes holiday schmoozing a bit simpler


Socialization at holiday parties is the anxiety of every introvert, and to ease the awkwardness Stella Artois is offering more than social lubricant. The beer brand’s peel-off labels feature conversation starters such as “What’s a feeling you wish you could feel again?” and “What role has luck played in your life?” based on the card game and social platform We’re Really Not Strangers.

Morsel #6: Serena Williams wraps more than her legendary tennis career


DoorDash teamed up with the great Serena Williams on the ultimate gift wrapping kit—and delivered it right to people’s doors for free. On Nov. 17, customers had the opportunity to claim the Serena x DashPass Wrap Pack, and for each one claimed, the brand donated $10 to the Yetunde Price Resource Center, which offers “trauma-informed programs that promote individual and community-wide healing and resiliency.”

Morsel #7: Josh Cellars celebrates Joshgiving with Josh… and Josh… and Josh

Winemaker Josh Cellars is Joshing around for Thanksgiving—er, Joshgiving—with anyone named Josh. Founder Joseph “Josh” Carr and music star Josh Groban joined Joshes of all sorts to participate in volunteer activities, make donations and “acts of thanks,” as an extension of the brand’s community service-focused purpose.

Morsel #8: Varo aims to be “That Bank” with Russell Westbrook

All-digital tech bank Varo has positioned itself as “That Bank”—That Moving-Out-of-Mami’s-House-Bank, That First-Stamp-in-My-Passport Bank—in a new video and out-of-home campaign starring NBA player Russell Westbrook. The brand worked with agency 22Squared to launch the campaign with an approachable, transparent and relatable message.

Morsel #9: Frank’s Red Hot heats up the holidays


A survey from Frank’s Red Hot found that 93% of people like at least a little heat in their food—and that spicy food fans are more adventurous eaters. Also among the findings: 62% of these hotheads consider themselves attractive, and 66% are more content with their lives than milder heat lovers. To meat these heat lovers at home, the brand launched a kit around its newly released Frank’s RedHot Injector Marinade, which it’s billing as a way to spice up holiday meals.

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