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TikTok joined mobile industry group GSMA as an industry member.

GSMA supports the global mobile ecosystem and represents device manufacturers, internet organizations, mobile operators and software companies, as well as adjacent industry sectors, and TikTok said in a blog post Thursday that it will work with the other industry partners to advocate the development of new mobile communication technologies and form lasting business relationships.

TikTok director of distribution partnerships David Saidden said in the blog post, “TikTok’s mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. In partnership with hundreds of telcos (telecommunications companies) around the world, we’ve made it easier, cheaper and faster for our users and partners to create, share and engage with our amazing video platform. As part of the GSMA community, we’re excited to expand on these successes, amplifying innovation in the 5G space, streamlining delivery through CDN (content delivery network) and Edge infrastructure and pioneering new modes of connectivity in evolving markets.”

GSMA chief marketing officer Lara Dewar added, “With its powerful influence on culture and massive monthly user base of over 1 billion, TikTok has captured the world’s attention over the past few years. We’re excited to welcome TikTok as an industry member to work together on initiatives that benefit the entire mobile ecosystem.”

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