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Historically and currently, LGBTQ+ communities have been a target of hatred and violence. While there has been significant progress in societal acceptance in some areas, others are still lagging behind, making it dangerous for queer and trans people to live authentically. In Brazil, violence is particularly at the forefront of the minds of members of the community: according to a report by the Observatory of Deaths and Violence Against LGBTI+, Brazil is the country with the most violent deaths among the LGBTQ+ population.

To call attention to this problem, agency FCB Brasil co-created “Visible Mark,” a collection of apparel made in collaboration with designer Isaac Silva that shows the scars left behind by violence. The collection features six white pieces with a single colored detail placed in the exact spot where real people bear scars from anti-LGBTQ+ assaults.

Created in collaboration with Casa Neon Cunha, an LGBTQ+ organization that provides services to the LGBTQ+ population in São Bernardo do Campo, the collection’s proceeds will be given to the organization as it continues to help promote initiatives and provide psychological support and legal counseling to the community.

As part of the capsule collection, the six pieces include the stories behind the scars. Using NFC technology, a short-range wireless technology, the wearer can bring their phone close to the colored mark to listen to the stories, told by the real survivors. These stories are not just about anti-LGBTQ+ violence: they’re about the resilience, love and support of the community.

(Captions for the video have not been made available to Adweek. We will update the video once captions have been provided.)FCB Brasil

Resilience and community in the face of violence

“The collection’s pieces tell the real stories of people who, upon finding warmth and protection, were able to leave behind the violence and re-signify their own scars. By ‘taking’ those scars from their skin and turning them into a fashion brand, we’re sending a message to everyone: there is a support network, there is love and warmth, we are all in this together,” Isaac Silva said in a statement.

For FCB Brasil, the need to highlight the strength of the community was crucial in addressing the problem of violence in the country.

“The more people proudly wear the stories of resilience, love and pride of Bernardo, Ray, Renata, Amanda, Wesley and Kamilly, the closer we will be to our goal of shining a spotlight on the problem and promoting the support network that can help people in vulnerable situations,” Silva said.

The collection is available on the designer’s website and can be purchased via the dedicated website.

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