The Creator Economy Is the Future. Here’s How Adweek Fits In – IGWIIKI


On this episode of Everything Is Better With Creators, we discuss the mantra “Evolve or Die.” How do brands stay up to date amid the ever-changing social media landscape? And how are they using creators to succeed?

Host Jamie Gutfreund interviews Adweek’s chief content officer, Ann Marinovich, to help understand creators’ impact on the marketing industry.

Marinovich has helped build content for some of the most successful media companies out there, including Forbes and The Information. Marinovich discusses how Adweek is taking on the responsibility to educate brands on the creator economy, what it means for the industry and where she thinks it is headed. 

Get ready for this masterclass from a marketing master herself. 

Listen to the episode below and check out other shows in the Adweek Podcast Network.

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