10 Tips for Creating a Great Instagram Blog


It’s public knowledge that having a broad reach is crucial for bloggers and
being gift on all social media makes it easier for folks to search out you. Instagram, with its 900 million monthly users, has clearly taken the globe by storm and it appears that everybody is currently exploitation the app, not solely to share their pizzas and selfies, however additionally to urge galvanized for his or her future travel destinations.

If you’re a blogger Associate in Nursing don’t have an Instagram account nevertheless, 2022 is that the year you’re progressing to want one!

However, you can’t drop Associate in Nursing account in there and expect magic. Instagram could be a high-
maintenance tool. To be noticed on Instagram, you would like to perpetually share
amazing photos and videos, however you furthermore mght have to be compelled to stand out from the group and make a loyal and interested audience.

As I’m (very generous) travel blogger and influencer, I’ve determined to share with you my secrets to assist you grow your followers and build your Instagram account a good one.

1. Pick a good username

Your Instagram journey starts once you originated your account. If you already have an
established blog name, you would possibly wish to stay to it so as to be consistent across all platforms. Otherwise, consider one thing skilled and catchy. increase it a pleasant profile image, a bullet-pointed bio and clearly a link to your travel blog.

2. Choose your niche (and stick with it)

Are you into landscapes or travel food photography? does one love selfies or architecture? choose one niche and persist with it. Not each single post must be dead precisely within the same means, however with a blink of an eye fixed to your feed, anybody ought to be ready to get the thought of what you indicate and judge if they like what you are doing or not. i select principally landscapes and this can be what I principally do.

3. Tell a story

Great photos area unit essential, however if you wish to form your Instagram stand out, you furthermore mght have to be compelled to tell a story through your account. Use the caption space to introduce the place you’re visiting, to share some odd belongings you discovered or even some historical facts. It’s true that an image will speak m words, however typically words and stories add that additional bit of interest.

4. Use relevant hashtags

Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per picture. You don’t need to use all of them, but it’s common knowledge that content with 11 or more hashtags receives higher engagement. Some popular and relevant hashtags I use are: #travelblogger #travel #instatravel #travelgram #tourism #passportready #wanderlust #ilovetravel and many more. Then add some more specific hashtags related to the image you are showing, for example I might use #Venice, #London, #Spain etc. Lastly, you should hope to get visibility with some of the most influential accounts related to your topic, for example I use #IAmAtraveler (Conde Nast Traveler), #passionpassport, #traveldeeper, #suitcasetravels and more.

5. Geotag your discoveries and places

By writing posts on your blog you’re serving to individuals perceive whether or not they need to
visit an area or not. constant goes for Instagram: by sharing a pic a couple of town, you wish your audience to grasp what that pic is concerning. On prime of being nice, your post can seem once somebody is exploring the content labeled to a definite location.

6. Follow, tag and engage with your Insta mates

Following, engaging and tagging different influential accounts on your most superb
pictures will assist you get discovered. they may notice you and have you on their own account or stories. you ought to continually keep an eye fixed open for competitions and giveaways that square measure nice possibilities to urge your content visible. If you’re admiring your meal in an exceedingly edifice or a building within which you’re staying, tag the business on your image. Your image would possibly get featured by the business and your content can show up once individuals look into that account.

7. Use the Instagram Slideshow to introduce your blog post

The new slideshow feature on Instagram allows you to build a story with a series of
pictures. You can create mini travel guides or present an entire meal you had at a great restaurant, or even different rooms of a hotel. 
Pro-tip: you can tag individual photos to give credit to the places and experiences you are sharing.

8. Stories and more stories

Its general knowledge that folks tend to pay longer on videos than image of late, thus use the Instagram stories feature to indicate your followers the behind the scene of an image (for example showing your writing process), to speak regarding yourself and find personal with them or to speak additional regarding the place you’re visiting. Some users have the extra chance to feature links to their stories, once you get this further feature, ensure to direct your followers to scan your articles.

9. Post regularly

Consistency is vital in most things in life associate degreed Instagram isn’t an exception. In fact, the additional frequently you post, the simpler it’ll be for you to create associate degree engaged audience that may remember of your posting rhythm and habits. By posting at roughly an equivalent time daily, you furthermore mght increase your possibilities to attach with an equivalent folks and probably to make a community around your account. bear in mind to continuously reply to the comments folks leave on your footage, it’s polite, however it conjointly shows you care regarding the time folks spent going you comments.

10. Engage, engage, engage. And repeat.

Unless you have got cash to pay on faux followers and likes (I extremely recommend you to
steer far from all of that), the simplest thanks to build a reputable and organic audience is by investment time and energy in your account. If you’re serious regarding it, then you ought to reserve AN hour or 2 on a daily basis to attach with folks and have interaction with their content. you’ll got to study larger accounts to undertake and capture the key of their success and so you ought to invariably be prime of things. By checking your statistics, you wish to be able to amendment and adapt your strategy to what folks just like the most.

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