Snapchat Rolls Out AR Lens for Disney’s Avatar: The Way of Water – IGWIIKI


Disney is backing upcoming feature film Avatar: The Way of Water with a custom augmented reality lens on Snapchat that turns the user into a Na’vi.

The film will be released in theaters in the U.S. Dec. 16.

The lens uses technology including advanced computer vision technology, machine learning, specifically generative adversarial neural networks and 3D graphics to make Snapchatters’ eyes, hair, head shape, mouth and skin all transform as they move, complete with a blue-striped texture, and it operates all the frames locally on the device.

Snap Inc. said the lens debuted Monday and will be featured as a First Lens Snapchat execution Dec. 15, the day before the movies premiere.

The two companies have previously collaborated on special AR lenses for the Disney PhotoPass Service using Camera Kit.

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