Snap Inc rolls out a paid subscription service called Snapchat+ – IGWIIKI


Snapchat+ is a paid subscription service priced at 3.99 USD per month that will enable users to access pre-release features and prioritized support.

Exclusive and experimental features that have not been widely rolled out to all users would also be available to Snapchat+ users. Previously, features rolled out in the testing phase were selectively available to a group of users in specific geographies, mainly the US, but going forward these features would be available to subscribed users.

This service has currently been launched in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Users can tap the Snapchat+ icon on their profile to get started.

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The service would be steadily expanded to more countries over a period of time, and the platform would be garnering feedback from the first set of users to work on any required improvements.

Snapchat’s announcement of this service did not include any information on the service being an ad-free experience. Exclusive access to features may not be enough to lure a substantial chunk of the 332 Mn users, as users would be hesitant to pay for an ad-supported experience.

In other news, Snapchat recently also announced an integration with eBay, which would enable users to share eBay listings with their friends with Snaps using the Snapchat Camera on Android and iOS.

The integration with eBay is designed to streamline conversations about products such as new sneakers or vintage handbags or any other products that users would find on eBay, and take suggestions from friends and discuss the products.


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