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Reddit established its presence in Germany late last October, opening an office in the Mitte borough of Berlin. Just over one year later, the country represents the platform’s fourth-largest user base, up from fifth, and the company’s team in Germany has tripled.

The company now has dedicated community, engineering, local sales, operations and product teams in major cities across the country.

Advertisers in Germany that have incorporated Reddit into their marketing mix include AMD, Babbel, Bethesda, Delivery Hero, Deutsche Telekom, Disney, HelloFresh, Hutchison Drei Austria, IBM, InnoGames, Microsoft, Nintendo, and TaxFix.

Agency Jung von Matt Nerd tapped Reddit to promote a partnership between automaker Mini and Pokémon, allowing Redditors to be part of the design process for a capsule edition of the Aceman electric car.

Redditors were asked to share their favorite Pokémon and inspired accessories for a chance to have them featured on the cars, and they were rewarded with Reddit Gold premium access, generating more than 1,600 comments.

Jung von Matt Nerd founder Toan Nguyen said in a Reddit blog post, “Reddit is one of the most important platforms for fandom, pop culture and community-centric communication. Many brands underestimate not only the power, but also the community’s influence on brand credibility. It’s a hidden champ if you want to build brand equity in subcultures. The value of Reddit was shown in many different layers of our campaign. While Reddit was the perfect place to be right in the middle of fandom communities and gain their trust, it was also a powerful way for us to get their feedback. We know how smart the community is, and we did not want to miss any chance to show it. Fandom marketing is about communication at eye level and genuine appreciation for the community.”


Reddit said it is now seeing roughly 160 million comments, posts and votes in Germany each month, up 15% year-over-year, with its German users viewing 60% more content, adding that r/Arbeitsleben, r/de, r/de_lAmA, r/finanzen, r/fragreddit and r/ich_iel among the most popular communities in the country.

The company said 41% of Redditors in Germany are not on Facebook and 53% are not on Snapchat adding that research it conducted with Talk Shoppe found that Reddit was considered a “go-to” place for Germans to learn more about brands and services 24% more than other platforms, it helped German users make more informed purchase decisions 29% more and Redditors in the country like when brands interact with them 26% more.

Reddit manager, large customer sales for DACH (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) Oliver Wendt said in the blog post, “The main reason people come to Reddit is to be informed by passionate communities they trust, and this makes for an environment of highly engaged, leaned-in users who are ready to take action. Reddit users in Germany are coming to the platform because they want to learn more about products and services, so this in turn creates an immense opportunity for brands to reach relevant audiences when they are already actively engaged in the topic or interest. As a brand, being able to tap into an environment where trust is already baked in is pretty unique and something we are seeing more and more of as more local brands connect with our German user base.”

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