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Peacock TV, NBC’s online streaming app, is a relative newcomer in a crowded and growing field of streaming apps. It’s become surprisingly popular, though, as cheap way to stream classic NBC shows like The Office and 30 Rock as well as new shows and movies and live news and sports. Peacock is a but unique in that it’s both an on-demand streaming service like Hulu or Netflix while also offering a selection of live TV channels, despite costing much less than any of the best live TV streaming services — but is there a Peacock TV free trial? Let’s find out.

Is there a Peacock TV free trial?

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Just like there’s no Disney Plus free trial, as of now, there’s no Peacock TV free trial for the paid plans. The paid Peacock plans include the Premium and Plus tiers, which ring in at $5 per month or $10 per month, respectively. These packages give you complete access to the full library of Peacock shows, channels, and movies. The only differences between the two is that the $10/month Peacock Plus plan is ad-free and allows you to download and watch select shows and movies offline. You can still try Peacock without paying, though — keep reading to find out how.

Can you get Peacock TV for free?

A Peacock TV free trial period would actually be kind of redundant, because you don’t actually have to pay anything to sign up and try it out. Only Peacock Premium and Peacock Plus are paid. The basic Peacock service is totally free, and there’s no trial period. You don’t even have to enter any credit card information to sign up as you often do to get free trials like the Hulu free trial. Just use your email address to create your account and you’re ready to stream. The free Peacock plan unsurprisingly gives you a more limited selection of shows and movies to stream, but there’s still more than 10,000 hours’ worth of content for you to browse.

A selection of that free content includes Downton Abbey, Psych, and 30 Rock, so you’ve got plenty to bite into with Peacock before deciding if you want to upgrade to one of the paid tiers. If you want to see more, check out our lists of the best shows on Peacock as well as what’s new on Peacock this month to see what else is on tap.

Are there any Peacock TV deals?

Super Bowl 2022 on Peacock.

There’s actually a pretty killer Peacock TV deal going on right now that’s worth skipping the free Peacock plan for entirely. Until the end of September, you can sign up for Peacock Premium for just $2 per month for your first 12 months. That’s a 60% savings off its usual price of $5 per month, totaling just $24 for the entire year. Peacock Premium is already a great value even at its normal price considering that you get a lot of on-demand shows and movies as well as live TV channels, so for just $2 per month, this is a solid bargain. The offer expires come October, though, so don’t wait too long if you’ve been thinking about signing up for Peacock TV.

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