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Outlook’s email servers are experiencing difficulties, as confirmed by a tweet from Microsoft on Monday morning. It’s unclear right now which users are affected, as some Digital Trends writers were able to access email without any issues. Others are able to access Outlook but are experiencing slower performance, while some can’t load their inbox at all.

It appears the issue is focused around Exchange Online, and Microsoft says more details are available to Outlook admins under the EX401976 and OL401977 codes. Although the issue doesn’t affect all users, it’s still a significant outage. Down Detector, which tracks outages for online services, has received thousands of user reports centered around Outlook since around 6am PT.

Outlook outages on Down Detector.

Microsoft says it suspects network drops are contributing to the outage, and the team is currently working on a fix for the issue. We’ll update this article once we have more details on when a fix is available.

The Outlook service health page says that Microsoft has already identified drops in its network, and it’s currently analyzing the infrastructure to isolate where the issue is coming from. Although some servers are down altogether, other users are experiencing intermittent issues. Some aren’t receiving new messages in their inboxes, for example, while others are having trouble loading message in their inbox.

It seems the issue isn’t exclusive to Outlook, either, as Microsoft’s services largely share the same infrastructure. Down Detector also shows hundreds of reports for Microsoft’s website, as well as Office 365 services.

We expect a fix soon as Microsoft identifies the issue, but it’s possible that Outlook will experience issues over the course of the day. If you need to send an urgent email, you might want to switch to a different service in the meantime — and if you want to stay away permanently, you can read our guide on how to delete your Outlook account.

Although the outage is affecting the morning rush of emails on Outlook, it shouldn’t require any user intervention. Once Microsoft’s servers are stable again, we expect Outlook to resume operation as normal.

Once the servers are back online, make sure to to check out our three tricks to clean up your Outlook inbox. We also have a roundup of Outlook tips that can help you move around the client faster and access feature you may not have known about.

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