New features and updates to the YouTube Studio app, Bringing it More Into Line with the Desktop Version


To alter creators to raised manage their content from the YouTube Studio mobile app, the platform has discharged variety of options to assist creators operate their channel whereas they’re off from their desktops.

“Hey creators, We’ve recently added a ton of new features to the YouTube Studio app to make it even easier for you to manage your content while you’re away from your computer. We’ve summarized some of the changes and tweaks we’ve made below but we’ll continue to update the app with even more features as we go.” – Instagram

New Search Filters for Comments

They’ve launched filters for comments within the Studio mobile app to create it even easier for you to look certainly forms of comments you would like to reply to. seek the new comment filters by sound on “Comments” within the bottom navigation bar, and you’ll see a group of filters that you simply will choose at the highest. you’ll be able to use the subsequent filters to assist you search through your comments in a variety of ways.

Currently available filter options: 

  • Response status: have I already responded to this comment?
  • Contains question: does the comment contain a question?
  • Subscriber count: does the commenter have at least 1K/10K/100K/1M/10M subs?
  • Subscriber status: is the commenter publicly subscribed to me?
  • Member status: is the commenter a channel member?
  • Search: Do any comments contain a specific word I want to search for?

To start using search filters: Go to YouTube Studio on desktop, from the left menu, select the Comments tab and use the filter bar at the top of the page. You can combine different filters to narrow your search for specific comments even further.

They’re also answering another longtime feature request! Previously, searching by keyword only showed you comments with an exact match (so searching “subs” would only find “subs”). With this update, you’ll see search results beyond exact match (so now you’ll also see “subscriber” or “subscribers” for that same search). 

New Analytics options in the Studio app

YouTube’s also added new analytics elements to the YouTube Studio app, bringing it more into line with the desktop version, including insights into returning viewers, comparative view counts and more.

YouTube Studio update

YouTube says that, in future, it’ll be working to ensure that any metrics added to the desktop version of the app are also available in the mobile platform, ensuring greater parity and utility across the two.

Mobile Monetization Appeals

Mobile Studio users can also now appeal video monetization decisions through the app, while it’s also added more currency options to the display to help creators better understand their monetization progress.

“You can find the currency setting by tapping your channel icon in the top right > Settings > Currency. Note: changing the currency setting will apply to all users who have access to your channel, and also will apply Studio on desktop and the mobile app.”

Bottom Navigation Bar

Dashboard, Content, Analytics, Comments, and Playlists, these sections have been moved to this new bottom navigation bar from the three-line menu to make it easier for creators to switch between the tabs.

New Icons in YouTube

YouTube’s additionally reinvigorated the Studio app icon, conveyance it a lot of into line with YouTube’s different apps, whereas it’s additionally captive many perform tabs to the new bottom bar, creating them a lot of accessible, as they were antecedently listed within the 3 dots perform menu.

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