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The people of the internet are not generally known for being easy to please, and the willingness to dub anything from random movies to National Parks as “the worst ever” has made it clear that quite literally everything is a matter of taste. Most companies are happy to let negative comments slide, but every now and again, the brand gets involved to hilarious effect.

To that end, Liquid Death‘s most recent spot, the “Blind Taze Test,” took to the internet to ask a couple of not-so-loyal customers to back up their claims that Liquid Death was The Worst Water Ever. Flying the critics to Los Angeles, the brand offered them a chance to win $1,000 if they could confirm Liquid Death as the worst water, with the caveat that if they couldn’t, they would be getting tased.

Setting the water connoisseurs up with a line of ten different water brands with their logos hidden by brown paper bags, Liquid Death filmed the comical results as they attempted to guess which water was which. Out of the thirty people Liquid Death reached out to, two brave souls were chosen.

An electrifying turn of events

The stunt entailed booking a certified taser instructor to monitor the process and deliver 50,000 volts via a real taser. Several Liquid Death staff members were tested on beforehand, with all participants signing a health waiver after checking in with a medic before the test.

This is the latest in a long line of wild and unpredictable advertising by Liquid Death, which has not only hosted a similar “blind taste test” before but even created its own full-length horror movie. With ads ranging from creepy Martha Stewart spots to hard-partying kids, the only running theme for Liquid Death is that each ad seems a little more over-the-top than the last.

The video ends with the would-be thousandaires tased, followed by a triumphant claim from the narrator: “Liquid Death—officially not the worst water two guys from the internet have ever tasted!”

“I guess I was wrong. Not the worst water I’ve ever tasted,” concluded one contestant.

“I’m sorry. I will buy y’all’s product now,” said the other.

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