Instagram launches Creator Marketplace to connect brands with creators – IGWIIKI


Building on the Creator Marketplace being tested in the beta phase, Instagram had added new features and initiated a wider rollout.

The Creator Marketplace by Instagram is selectively available for brands active in the US.

The hub is designed to connect brands and creators and streamline branded content partnerships on Instagram, and is available within Meta Business Suite.

The Marketplace allows brands to discover creators through filters such as gender, age, number of followers, interests, demographics of their engaged audience, using filters including gender, age, interests, country and city.

They will also be able know if creators have expressed interest in working with them, have tagged them or follow them; and also create lists of similar creators to those they’ve already found through the filters; and add them to saved lists.

Once the creators are selected, brands can also create structured projects, and execute campaigns by fixing deliverables and compensation. Streamlined messaging for coordination during branded content partnerships is also an additional tool.


Creators can get discovered by relevant brands for projects that would align with their signature genre, by adding interests that are most relevant to them. This discovery pattern has been designed to align partnerships that resonate with both sets of audiences.

Partnership Messaging

Partnership Messaging is a new organized way for brands and creators to communicate through a dedicated section at the top of the primary tab.

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Projects are similar to decks that contain all relevant info, details, requirements, and rates about a collaboration project. Projects can be sent and received via the Partnership Messages folder.


Payments is a tool that is currently not available but has been announced by the platform. This tool will allow brands and creators to close the loop and carry out a collaboration from end to end on Instagram itself.

Creators will be able to get directly paid for branded content within Instagram and keep a track of all payments in the ‘Tools’ section of the professional dashboard.


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