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Chemistry Cultura’s ecd Alejandro Barreras says that his proudest work was neither for a “glamorous client or target demographic,” nor did it have a big budget. Rather, the work he and his team accomplished for Libre by Nexus continues to stick out because of its undeniable impact.

“Libre by Nexus is a company that provides bail alternatives to undocumented immigrants, allowing them to be out of immigration jail and providing for their families while their cases are resolved,” he informed Adweek for the Creative Flavor series, made in conjunction with Produ and Circulo Creativo. “We sought to put a human face to the burdens of requiring bail for people who only wanted to find a better life.”

The print campaign uses striking imagery to emphasize just how much daily life is shifted thanks to stringent immigration policies, from prison bars on family pictures to handcuffs on baby toys.

Libre by Nexus

But perhaps the most resonant part of this relationship for Barreras was getting to see Libre in action as the company fought the legal system on behalf of those truly impacted.

Said Barreras, “The biggest learning was attending immigration court and seeing Libre attorneys fighting to have clients released to their families. Not often you see how an ad has a direct impact in someone’s life.”

The project largely aligned with the Miami-based creative’s idea of a dream client, which he says possesses three major qualities: “Engaged, curious and visionary.”

Experimentation is key

On what interested him creative advertising: “I wanted to stretch beyond graphic design, into storytelling and experimentation. I also like to wear multiple hats: writing, art direction, editing. Advertising lets you push boundaries.”

On what he hopes to learn over the next year: Emerging tech has remained top of mind for creative interested in producing within a new space. But like many people, Barreras is more curious to if the metaverse continues to be a space for innovation, or if it will eventually go the way of the NFT and dwindle in the public eye.

“Very intrigued to see if it’d be another promise come too early or create a new space for experimentation,” he said.

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