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If a cannabis marketer uses groovy, psychedelic images—think flower power and candy colors—it may bring to mind Woodstock-era bacchanals with a “turn on, tune in, drop out” vibe.

A new campaign from Canyon THC has purposely co-opted the look of that acid trippy period, but flipped the carefree Summer of Love notions on their heads. The brand is batting back against the stoner stereotype, in fact, with the tagline, “2.5 mg of productivity” to tout low-dose edibles formulated so consumers can imbibe but still finish their to-do lists.

The work, from independent agency TDA Boulder, will fan out over social, print and out of home media buys in the run-up to the holidays and beyond. With retro-style art as a backdrop, creatives have emblazoned the words “laundry,” “yardwork” and “vacuum” as a hat-tip to everyday chores that should still be possible under the influence.

Responsible reefer

TDA Boulder, which has been been the AOR for the female-owned, family-run brand since 2021, wanted to juxtapose the visuals of counterculture from decades ago with the language of responsible adulting in 2022, according to Jonathan Schoenberg, executive creative director and partner.

The campaign was intentionally developed to “embrace the past perception of cannabis” through its throwback design and place that “smack up against today’s reality via the copy” to deliver “a new cannabis message.”

“That contradiction is meant to point out how cannabis has come a long way,” Schoenberg told Adweek. “This is not your parents’ weed.”

Both new cannafans and legacy users have latched onto the “smart dosing” trend, which is considered compatible with a range of activities and has caused an explosion in products like THC-infused sodas and other ingestibles.

A micro dose like 2.5 milligrams in a lollipop, gummy or other confection can be “a perfect starting point” for finding “your own personal sweet spot,” Timothy M. McMurray, partner and chief operating officer of Canyon, told Adweek. “We fondly refer to it as the ‘work weed’ dose of the future.”

Consumers can tailor their experience to suit their needs and tolerance, he said.

“There are so many people who use smaller amounts of cannabis to focus their minds versus slow time down,” Schoenberg said. “I’ve used Canyon’s lighter edibles for trail runs for years, and as more and more people are discovering lower dose edibles, it’s a great way to draw attention to their potential uses. If you want to get high, have three. If you want to put together an Ikea coffee table, have one.”

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