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By sending messages of harassment through its app to customers, Burger King has attempted to raise awareness over the issue of school bullying.

November 9 was National Bullying Day. The restaurant chain in France, in association with child protection organizations Les Papillons and The Butterflies, began sending hate messages through its push notifications. Some of them read “You’re ugly” or “You’re useless.” They represented some of the messages that thousands of bullying victims receive each day.

The campaign was devised by creative agency Buzzman.

Each recipient of a message was then directed to Papillion’s website where they could donate to support bullying prevention.

Meanwhile, to attract further attention in-restaurant, toys were removed from King Junior menus. This led to complaining parents being given a leaflet by team members which read, “If we extorted your child at school, would you realize it so easily?” They would then also be given the missing toy.

Hidden camera footage captured in-restaurant of the reactions was then shared over Burger King’s social media platforms to further drive awareness of the campaign using #BKPAPILLONS.

This was the second year the brand formed an alliance with Les Papillions to combat bullying. They ran the #MerciLes2010 campaign celebrating those born in 2010 to counter the “#Anti2010” movement, which attacked children around 11 years old on TikTok and Twitter.



CMO / Marketing Director: Alexandre Simon

Marketing Manager: Timothee Loizeau

Family Marketing Manager: Constance De Vasselot

Media Manager: Erinna Beaudron


Founding President: Laurent Boyet

Artistic and Administrative Director: Sandrine Boyet

Press Officers: Sarah Kadi and Cécile Grigioni


President and Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif

Vice President: Thomas Granger

General Manager: Julien Levilain

Creative Directors: Patrice Lucet and Philippe Boucheron

Artistic Directors: Marie Razer, Marie Rioufol and Antoine Blondet

Designers – Editors: Marie Razer, Marie Rioufol and Julien Moulin

Commercial Director: Loïc Coelho

Group Managers: Fany Maupou and Agathe Coquillon

Assistant Advertising Manager: Léo Kalmes

Social Media Director: Julien Scaglione

Social Media Consultants: Alex Jean-Baptiste and Félix Brunot

Communication and PR Director: Amélie Juillet

Communication and PR Officer: Paul Renaudineau

Communication and PR Assistants: Marie Smid and Anouck Vallez

Production Manager: Vanessa Barbel

Producer: Saveria Besset

Production House: Cousins ​​and Dependencies

Director: Cyril Tellenne

Sound Production: Schmooze

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