Bridgestone Father’s Day campaign pays an ode to the ‘companion’ in the journey of life – IGWIIKI


Bridgestone Father’s Day campaign manages to make the end consumers of a low involvement category – a part of their journey

Bridgestone evokes the feelings of gratitude and love with their Father’s Day campaign, dedicated to the one whose shoulder we sat on to see the world and kept our heads on to go through the rocky road of life.

There is no other person in the world as reliable as a father and Bridgestone raises the emotional quotient by presenting glimpses of such moments in the Father’s Day campaign that stirs up nostalgia. The campaign features heartwarming moments where a child could trust their father with complete abandonment and all the moments that turned into memories with him.

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The difficult paths have come and gone but, our fathers have stayed headstrong, and been the pillar of strength holding our life together. This notion has been brought to life by the brand through a poetic narrative that gives a flashback of a father-child relationship through memories of holding the father’s finger, the bedtime stories that made us dream, the teachings of life, and his approach to problems with a smile on the face.

The brand takes an emotive storytelling approach to stand out amidst the clutter – combining a touching narrative with powerful visuals and a soulful background score. Furthermore, Bridgestone manages to weave their product into the fabric of the story – driving home the message of how trustworthy companions make life worth living. 

Through the campaign, Bridgestone manages to make the end consumers of a low involvement category – a part of their journey, while reiterating the trust and reliance that the brand has built over generations. 


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