Brave Commerce Podcast: PepsiCo’s Todd Kaplan – IGWIIKI


When it comes to business, how do you respond to “no” from customers or collaborators? In this episode of Brave Commerce, Todd Kaplan, CMO of PepsiCo, joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to reflect on the importance of taking risks. 

Kaplan recounts his career at PepsiCo and how it’s kept his attention. He speaks on fearless voicing opinions and helping the company innovate, an example being the recent “Better with Pepsi” campaign.

Furthermore, Kaplan breaks down PepsiCo’s integration with Web3 and their NFT presence. He speaks on the importance of consumer relevance. Like all other guests, Kaplan shares some of the bravest things he’s done personally and professionally and explains the inspirational power of innovation and progress.

Listen to the episode below, and check out other shows in the Adweek Podcast Network.

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