What is the best social news website? -Top 21 Websites for latest updates

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Struggling to find Latest Social media news sites? With the excess of information in the world, it can be hard to sift through what really matters. For you and your business, social media is one thing you should keep an eye on. Here are 21 sites that offer a variety of takes, opinions, and focuses for social media news.

 1. Social Media Today

For the PR, marketing, advertising and business professionals that need to have a thorough understanding of what is happening in social media. Topics frequently discussed: tools, platforms, people, and companies on the social media landscape.


IGWIIKI is one of the fastest website over the internet for updating you all on Latest Social Media Updates, It compiles the latest updates from all over the internet to one place.

3. Alltop

Alltop describes its services as a tool to answer the question “What’s happening?” With this media page, you can enjoy a filtered and useful list of social media news articles and blogs to avoid information overload.

4. Mashable

While not super business-oriented, Mashable is the go-to site for “how to” articles. Their social media page is no different. They can get you updated and trained on advances in social media in no time.

5 Social Times

Social Times is a good mix of “how to”, news, and opinion articles involving social media. There is also research provided on the page, giving a much more in-depth perspective than a typical online article.

6. Digital Trends

Digital Trends describes its mission as trying to help readers navigate an increasingly digital world. You can find trends and news for social media in a neatly designed platform. The site also offers technology reviews – which is becoming increasingly important as the line between tech and social media blurs.

7. Bloomberg

As you would guess from the provider, Bloomberg’s page on social media is very business-driven. You’ll see articles about IPO’s, shares, stocks, and growth. If you’re looking for pure business information, this is the place to come.

8. Open Forum

Open Forum compiles a list of articles and pieces about different topics and puts them in one place for your convenience. You can follow the page, which allows you to receive email updates whenever anything new comes up.

9. Forbes

Again, much like you would expect, the Forbes social media page is also very business-driven. Most of the articles found here are marketing and sales related. It’s also a good source to go to for updates on privacy concerns.

10. Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur webpage on social media has a strong focus on consumer targeting. They also have fun interactive polls and opinion articles that are a little different than what you are used to seeing on business sites.

11. CNN

In typical CNN fashion, their social media articles are hard news pieces. They cover a lot of privacy issues and lawsuits that involve social media sites.

12. The New York Times

News about social media, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. One very cool feature of this site is the “timeline” aspect: you can see a chronological order of the biggest news in social media over the last few months.

13. Huffington Post

The Huffington Post page for social media news is primarily composed of lists. The page is surprisingly humorous, without a strong focus on sales or business.

14. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is the place to go for social media infographics. There are a wide variety of topics on display for you to choose from. They also have a good inventory of articles that help businesses learn to leverage different social media sites.

15. Smart Brief

Smart Brief conveniently organizes the social media news by industry. If you’re interested in say, mobile app development, you can simply click and have specific news for what you’re looking for.

16. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is many young people’s go-to place for popular news. It can, however, be a good source for social media updates as well… if you don’t get side tracked by an article about cats on the way. Here you can find both opinion and informative articles on any number of relevant networking topics.

17. Tech News World

Focused on the tech side of social media, Tech News offers an interesting and unique take on social networking. You get less typical material and more in-depth coverage of changing technology and how it will impact social networking.

18. CMS Wire

CMS Wire is another site that follows more of a typical news article format. They have more of a focus on marketing, and some interesting takes on some businesses’ social media campaigns.

19. Sprout Social

Sprout Social has more of a research report feel to its homepage. They have news such as social indexes and updated advice for those working in social media.

20. Social Media Portal

Social Media Portal compiles news articles about the top players in social media. One benefit of this site is that the articles are clearly labeled by their topics icon; if you’re looking for just Pinterest news, you don’t even have to read the titles of the other articles.

21. The Guardian

The Guardian is a great source for social media news worldwide. They don’t focus only on news from the USA. You’ll see articles from the UK, India, etc. that will give you a global perspective.

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